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STK Partnership

STK is a globally recognized restaurant brand that artfully blends the modern steakhouse & chic lounge with an emphasis on an energetic vibe-dining experience.


The Beach Agency Group will assist STK off-site partnered special events to accommodate all types of event needs, from intimate seated dinners to celebrity post parties. Join us at the Super Bowl to the Kentucky Derby.

STK and the Beach Agency Group will host sponsored cocktail parties, dinners, custom events, and exclusive parties to activate brands and offer individuals an unforgettable experience in a highly desirable atmosphere.

With this partnership, our goal is to find harmonious partners with the STK brand. At the same time, we provide exposure to a demographic of men in their late 30’s and up, women in their 20’s and up, and both sexes in their 50’s and older who want to dine out and have the option of relaxing in the same place after a meal.

We can plan your event from the ground up and take care of all aspects.