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Carly on Carly

"I'm a hard charging, highly motivated girl living the dream in the sport of beach volleyball. Growing up in Santa Barbara, I spent my days surfing at the beach, running around in the mountains, and playing every sport I could get my hands on. Luckily, my lifestyle still allows me to do those things on a regular basis. I've traveled the world playing volleyball at the highest level and have currently settled in Redondo Beach to continue pursuing my full potential in this sport, and help others realize their own natural greatness along the way.­"


Professional Volleyball Player

Carly is a professional beach volleyball player who has established herself as a dominant force in both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. The first 4 years of her career were spent with the US Women's Indoor National Volleyball Team and competing for professional teams overseas (France, Turkey, Japan, and China). In 2016, she was selected as an Olympic alternate. 2018 marked her switch to professional beach volleyball, where she immediately began competing on the domestic tour (AVP) and international tour, representing USA. Her goal of winning a

gold medal at the Olympics is still very much alive.



When the Covid-19 pandemic put a halt on professional sports, it presented an opportunity for me to start a firefighting career. I went all in and fully invested myself -- completing 4 fire science and technology courses online, completing a 5-month private fire academy, working as ambulance operator, getting hired and completing another 5-month department specific fire academy, and then beginning probation -- all within 2 years. The experience has been incredibly rewarding, I have made many valuable connections, and I have grown immensely from it. I found myself in a challenging position, however, as I was pulled back to volleyball and my Olympic dreams. I realized that I cannot do both careers at the same time to the level of excellence that I strive for, so I made the difficult decision to step away from fire for the time being. When I am truly done with my professional volleyball career, it is my intent to return. The fire service is always something I will be very passionate about.


Ultimate Competitor

I’ve always believed in training to be an athlete first, then a volleyball player, a firefighter, and so forth. Having a broad base as an athlete allows you to build higher in terms of performance. If you want to go to levels never reached before, you must venture into different fields, experiment, and learn, all the while constructing a rock-solid foundation of knowledge and understanding. THEN, you specialize and narrow in. There are times to broaden and then there’s times to focus your body’s adaptations & skill sets, based on competition dates, goals, and timelines. 


Some of my other ventures and passions include boxing, Jiu jitsu, rock climbing, trail running, CrossFit, and OCR races. I am challenge-driven and always eager to learn new things and discover what my body & mind can do.


I love helping people and I find nothing more rewarding than giving back and making positive impact on other lives. I've told myself that I will train/ mentor people once I am done with my own athletic pursuits, but truthfully my endeavors will never end. The time is now. 

I have accomplished a good amount in life already and overcome my own adversities -- earning a Stanford degree in Human biology, finishing my college career as a 3-time 1st Team All-American, overcoming the loss of my twin sister, competing on the National Team, living & competing overseas for 4 years, making the successful transition to professional beach volleyball, recovering from injuries, becoming a firefighting, and more. My life is my own experiment in realizing my full potential and seeing what I can do in this blip of existence. I go all in. No shortcuts, no excuses. Just hard work, consistency, and honest self-evaluation. My goal is to bring what I know and practice to others and guide them in building the skillsets and mentality that will lead them to the highest version of themselves.

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2021 LAFD Class 21-1 Class Leader

2020 Kevin J Woyjeck Memorial Top Recruit Award for El Camino Fire Academy Class 155
2020 Induction into the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table Hall of Fame
2019 - present USA Beach Volleyball National Team
2018 - 2019 Competitor on the AVP domestic tour & FIVB world tour for beach
2016 USA Women's Volleyball Olympic Team alternate
2014 - 2019 USA Women's National Volleyball Team (Indoor)
2014 Pam Strathairn award for "Best Competitive Attitude" of Stanford University
2014 Honda Award Finalist | Senior CLASS Award First Team | Stanford Women's
Volleyball Team Captain
2012 - 2014 3-time First Team All-American
2010 - 2014 Stanford University Women's Volleyball Team 

2010 Ranked #4 in the nation in Prep Volleyball Senior Aces | Volleyball Magazine First-Team All-American | Prep Volleyball High School All-American | Gatorade State Player of the Year finalist

2009, 2010 Santa Barbara Athletic Roundtable Volleyball Athlete of the Year | Dos Pueblos Top Female Athlete


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